2022 INA Sealed Bid Sale

Complete Set of Barber Dimes 1892 – 1916

Barber Variety Set 59 dimes, 2 quarters

The Iowa Numismatic Association has received the above listed sets from an anonymous donor. The INA board has decided to sell these sets by sealed bid.  The sets will be sold separately and not broken up.

Bids will be accepted from bidders who are in good standing within the numismatic community. Bidders that are not known to have acceptable reputations or are unknown to us will be required to put down a 20% deposit which will be paid in cash at the time the bid is placed.

All coins are sold as-is with no guarantee of authenticity, grade or variety designations. Bids are not retractable. If the high bidder refuses to execute the purchase, their deposit will not be refunded.

The sealed bids will be opened at the INA board meeting in the presence of the board members on June 11, 2022, at the Des Moines Coin Club Show. Bidders will not be allowed to be present at the meeting.

Successful bidders must pay in cash or pre-approved check by June 20, 2022.

No bids will be accepted without in-person viewing by the bidder of the coins.

The proceeds from the sale of these sets will be put into the INA general fund and used at the board’s discretion.

For More Information Contact
Chris Seuntjens President, Iowa Numismatic Association

PHOTOS of Barber Dime Complete Set
page 1 obverse
page 1 reverse
page 2 obverse
page 2 reverse
close ups
1895-O obv
1895-O rev
1896-S obv
1896-S rev

Photos of Barber variety set
page 1 front
page 1 back
page 2 front
page 2 back
page 3 front
page 3 back
close ups
1893-S dime
1908-D quarter