Iowa Numismatic Association
Scott Nichols Outstanding Numismatist Award


The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding effort in the support of the field of numismatics.

Award Criteria:

The award will be given biannually beginning in 2007 and continuing each odd numbered year.  Nominations will be accepted prior to June 1st of each odd numbered year.  Nominations should be received in writing by the INA Secretary prior to midnight on the above deadline.  The nomination should include the candidates name and a brief summary of their qualifications.


Nominees must be a living INA member in good standing with the organization for at least 3 years.  Recipients are eligible to receive the award only once every ten years. 

Nominees will be evaluated on the following:

Service to the INA and / or an INA endorsed area club.
Promotion and / or propagation of the field of numismatics.
General character and reputation on integrity and honesty.

The nominations will be reviewed by the INA board.  The board will narrow the nominees to three finalists (candidates).  A general election will be held by the INA to determine the final recipient from the three finalists.  Only INA members in good standing will be allowed to vote in the general election.  (Board members who are nominated must abstain from participation in the review and consolidation of candidates.  The do retain their ability to cast their vote in the general election once the three finalists have been chosen.)

The award will be a plaque presented at the next INA general meeting. 
In 2017 the Outstanding Numismatist Award was amended to be called the Scott Nichols Outstanding Numismatist Award.

  Scott Nichols Outstanding Numismatist Award Winners:

Bob Simon

Bob Simon (right) is presented with the 2019 Scott Nichols Outstanding Numismatist Award by Kirk Nichols at the INA State Show in Altoona.


Bob Simon moved to Urbandale, IA in 1955 shortly after getting out of the service in Long Beach, CA.  He immediately joined the Des Moines Coin Club and has been a very active member since then having been club president for over 6 years.  Bob has always been a great advocate for getting youth involved in coin collecting.  At the shows in Des Moines Bob is always the go to guy for manning the youth table and taking the time to explain the joys of coin collecting to them. While Bob's coin collecting interests vary widely, his crown achievement is amassing a complete collection of Iowa town centennial medals.  Bob has been a Central States Numismatic Society member since 1974 and an ANA member since 1955. Bob has also been a member of the INA since 1984 and is currently serving on the board of directors. Bob has been a volunteer at the Iowa Historical Building for 25 years and a volunteer for the Urbandale Historical Society for 30 years.  Bob's unrelenting dedication to the hobby of coin collecting and helping preserve history in Iowa is unmatched by any Iowan.


Rusty Crawford

Rusty Crawford (right) is presented with the 2017 Scott Nichols Outstanding Numismatist Award by INA President Dean Parr with Scott's son, Kirk Nichols, at left at the INA State Show in Bettendorf.


Rusty Crawford completed the American Numismatic Association's Diploma program in numismatics and has been the volunteer Numismatist for Boy's Town Nebraska since 2003.  He worked with Boy's Town on the successful efforts to obtain U. S. Commemorative coins for their 100th Anniversary in 2017. As a member of the Southwest Iowa Numismatists Coin Club of the Glenwood, IA area, he participates in the club's annual membership and collecting awareness program at the Mills County Fair.  Rusty has been a member of the INA for several years.  He has served as District 7 Director and was INA President in 2013-2014.Besides his membership in the INA, Rusty is a member of the ANA, and CONECA.


Dean Parr

Dean Parr (right) is presented with the 2015 INA Outstanding Numismatist Award by INA President John Jackson at the INA
State Show in Altoona.


Dean Parr started collecting coins as a Cub Scout in 1958 when he received a Christmas gift of the Whitman Lincoln Cents No. 2.  He has spent many hours searching rolls of coins purchased from local banks.  In the mid 1970's Dean purchased a copy of Krause World Coins and a pound of world coins.  He now collects world coins by date and mint.  He joined the Cedar Rapids Coin Club in 1984 and has served as secretary since 2001.  He has been a member of the INA since 1998, served as District 2 Director for a number of years, and is currently First Vice President.  Dean also has served as Web Master for the INA's web site since it went on-line in June of 2003.


Denny Ross

Denny Ross (left) is presented with the 2013 INA Outstanding Numismatist Award by INA President Rusty Crawford at the INA
State Show in Iowa City.


Denny's service in the field of numismatics is impeccable and long standing.  He has been a member and past officer of a local coin club for several years and is the current chairman of the coin club's annual coin show.  As well as being a District Director for the INA he is also the editor of The Iowa Collector.  Denny has put forth extraordinary effort to make The Iowa Collector one of the best numismatic publications in the nation.  He strives to treat everyone honestly and with the utmost integrity.  Denny goes above and beyond the call of duty to improve the INA in every aspect.



Description: OutstandingNum2011

Tom Robertson (right) is presented with the 2011 INA Outstanding Numismatist Award by INA President Chris Seuntjens at the INA State Show in Altoona.


Tom Robertson has gone out of his way, for years, in doing the job of Historian for the Iowa Numismatic Association.  Tom has been an avid numismatist since 1951.  He is a past President of the Iowa Numismatic Association and is the current District 1 Representative.  Tom is the current District Representative of the American Numismatic Association, Representative of the Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cent Club.  He is also a member of 24 numismatic organizations.  Tom has also taught a numismatic course at Kirkwood College.  He also does numismatic presentations and seminars at INA coin shows and conventions, coin clubs, and other community organizations.  Mr. Robertson is also diversified in the field of numismatics and a devoted contributor of his time and energy.



Description: OutstandingNum2009


Beverly Ashton (left) is presented with the 2009 INA Outstanding Numismatist Award by INA President Lee Roe at the INA State Show in Altoona.


Beverly Ashton has served on the board of the INA as Secretary/Treasurer for many years.  She has recorded all the board meeting minutes, collected the dues, and issued the membership cards.  She handles numerous details associated with the elections and the publication of The Iowa Collector.  She also serves as the Secretary of Finance and does all of the bookkeeping for our organization.  There are numerous other details Bev handles for our organization that many of us never think about because Bev just handles them. Our organization depends greatly upon Bev and she does a great job of keeping us on track.  No doubt she has logged countless hours to insure the success and growth of our organization and is truly deserving of the honor of being named Iowa's Numismatist of the Year.


2007 (1st year, 1st award)


Description: OutstandingNum2007


Chris Seuntjens (left) is presented with the 2007 INA Outstanding Numismatist Award by INA President John Jackson at the INA State Show in Storm Lake.


Mr. Seuntjens has been, and continues to be, a central figure in the Iowa numismatic community.  Christopher has shown, for many years, exemplary devotion to promoting the field of numismatics, not only on a personal level, but as past President of the Iowa Numismatic Association and the Advertising Coordinator for "The Iowa Collector", the official publication of the INA.  He has devoted his time and expense to successfully get the 5% sales tax removed from collector coins, currency, and bullion metals.  Mr. Seuntjens promotion of the field of numismatics is and always has been tireless.  His integrity, honesty, and sincerity are above reproach.