Iowa Numismatic Association

Convention Manual

Effective May 2019



Convention Coordination

The INA President shall have the final responsibility to ensure that the convention is operated in accordance with the policies and directives of the INA Board. (S)he shall be responsible to the Board for participating in and monitoring all phases of convention planning and administration.

The President shall insure that the General Chairperson, Bourse Chairperson & Finance Officer prepare a preliminary (estimated) budget as part of the application from a host club to conduct the annual state convention. The final planned budget must be presented no later than 90 days after the convention is awarded to the host organization.

Profits or losses accruing from the convention shall be divided between the host club and the INA on a 50/50 basis.

Subsequent to the completion of the convention the President shall insure that the General Chairperson! Bourse Chairperson & Financial Officer complete a final convention report to the INA Board no later than 90 days subsequent to the completion of the convention.

Deviations from the policies set forth in this manual may be authorized by the President, in consultation with the General Chairperson, Bourse Chairperson and such members of the INA Board as the President may designate. Deviations from specific policies and practices set forth in this manual shall not be authorized by the President where such deviations have previously been prohibited by the INA Board or such deviations would contravene a specific Board directive or policy previously adopted by a majority vote of the Board unless such deviation itself shall also have been authorized by a majority vote of the Board.

General Chairperson

The General Chairperson is responsible for the overall administration, coordination and operation of all convention activities and functions including:

1.  The assignment of committee chairs to supervise and implement the various functions of the convention and subsequent supervision of such functions to ensure that they are properly executed.

2.  The selection of vendors necessary to provide the services for the convention, including the negotiation of appropriate contracts, concurrence with the INA President for major vendors (hotel. entertainment etc.) for any invoice in excess of $500. Approving invoices from such vendors and transmittal of same to the Finance Officer for payment.

3.  Managing the convention site to ensure the proper integration/coordination of all services necessary for a successful convention. The General Chairperson will at all times seek advice from the INA President on matters that present a problem. The INA President's advice and recommendations are the final word.

4.  Preparing, in consultation with the Bourse Chairperson and the Finance Officer, a final convention financial report to the President and Board of the INA. This report should be delivered no later than 90 days after the end of the convention.

5.  Overseeing the preparation and placement of all convention advertising/information releases, including paid, complimentary, trade press and local press/media advertising/information releases.

6.  Overseeing the design and placement of all convention signage, bearing in mind that informative signage directing event attendees to functions of interest is important to the overall operation of the convention.  

7.  The design and preparation of an official convention program, which shall include at a minimum:

                A.  a welcome message from the General Chairperson

                B.  a welcome message from the INA President

                C.  a map of the bourse

                D.  a listing of table holders their beginning times and Locations

                F.  a listing of all INA officers and area directors, and all convention committees and members

                G.  dealer advertising

8.  Coordination with the designated representative of the auction firm, all administrative arrangements necessary to integrate the auction and associated lot viewing and delivery activities into the overall convention.


Bourse Chairperson

The Bourse Chairperson will work closely with the General Chairperson and will primarily be responsible for issues related to the operation of the bourse area. Duties include:

I) Design the bourse application, including its specific terms, conditions and general format.

2) Maintain the bourse dealer mailing list and associated bourse records.  The responsible party registered as the bourse dealer must be a legally aged  adult.

3) Generate and print booth holder identification prior to the convention.

4) Work with the General Chairperson at the convention site to ensure the orderly operation of the bourse area.

5) Work with the General Chairperson to produce reports required by the INA.

6) Assign specific booth locations (a scale drawing of the bourse room with the assignments is recommended) to dealers and other booth holders in the bourse area.

7) Coordination of an auction that will be included as an event of the convention. Although the expected income from an auction is a factor in the award of auction rights, it will not be the sole deciding factor. The reputation, experience and historical success of previous auctions will be considered. The objective is to select an auction firm whose performance will most enhance the overall quality and significance of the convention.


Finance Officer

The Secretary-Treasurer of the host club will function as the Convention Finance Officer, unless determined otherwise by the General Chairperson and approved by the INA Board president.

The Finance Officer will be primarily responsible for maintaining financial reports of the convention, receiving invoices from the General Chairperson from providers of goods and/or services to the convention and disbursement of payments.

The Finance Officer is required to use traditional Bank accounts insured by an appropriate agency of the federal government. No funds will ever be placed in any account which is not so insured.

The Finance Officer will work closely with the General Chairperson and the Bourse Chairperson to meet convention obligations in a timely fashion and to submit reports of the activities for inclusion in the final report.


Host Organization

Local Coin Clubs are invited to host the annual INA Convention. Such applications/invitations are to be reviewed and approved by the INA Board.

The local host shall not be permitted to enter into financial obligations on behalf of the Iowa Numismatic Association, except as specifically authorized by the terms set forth by the INA Board.

The local host club will not be permitted to conduct a numismatic convention or show with bourse dealer booths within 90 days prior to the date of the INA Annual Convention.

Any gaming or raffle that takes place during an INA Convention must be completed under the hosting coin club. Any funds raised cannot be accepted by the INA.


Convention Site Arrangements

The General Chairperson shall be primarily responsible for the selection and agreements for the convention site. (S)he shall ensure that such arrangements are documented in appropriate contracts. All agreements are to be in writing and will set forth all services and material that are to be furnished to the convention.

The selection of the site and the dates of the convention are subject to the approval of the INA Governing Board.

Signs should be posted indicating the rooms in which the bourse, exhibits, auction, security and educational forum areas are located.

Arrangements will be made with the hotel for reservations for the President and Secretary-Treasurer of the INA.


Inasmuch as income from the operation of the convention bourse is an important means of support for the INA, the General Chairperson and Bourse Chairperson have a goal of maximizing bourse income and profits.

The General Chairperson and the Bourse Chairperson will develop a bourse application and jointly set bourse fees with the approval and concurrence of the Board President.

A limited number of complimentary tables may be made available for the numismatic press and recognized numismatic organizations. No sales, purchases or other dealings will be permitted at such tables except for the sale of subscriptions and/or advertising by the numismatic press, or membership or fundraising activities conducted at the tables of recognized numismatic organizations.

At the discretion of the General Chairperson and the Bourse Chairperson tables may have a fee of 50% of the specified amount for dealers whose business consists entirely of the sale of books and supplies. No sales of coins, currency, jewelry or other collectable items will occur at such discounted tables.

Early Bird Badges may be purchased by the general public at a cost determined by the Bourse Chairperson. It is suggested that INA Members are offered a discount on the cost (Le.$50 ($25 for INA Member)).

It is also recommended that admittance to the Bourse with the Early Bird badge does not interfere with dealer set-up. (I.e. dealer set-up 7 to 8, Early Bird 8 to 9 & general public at 9).



The Security Chairperson shall be responsible for the administration and implementation of all plans necessary to provide for the security of the convention, its bourse and all other convention activities and shall function under the supervision of the Bourse Chairperson and/or the General Chairperson.

The security service that is contracted must be bonded.

A schedule of hours of coverage will be set and guards will be hired for those times. The schedule should have the approval of the General Chairperson.

The Security Chairperson will contact local police or firms that provide such convention requirements. All agreements must be in writing and a contract agreed upon. The cost can be a significant part of the convention expenses and should be carefully considered.

The Security Chairperson or an assistant should be present at all times during the convention hours and available off hours during the convention for emergency calls.

The Security Chairperson, General Chairperson and the Bourse Chairperson are the only persons, other than guards, allowed in the bourse area after closing.


Exhibits & Awards

The Exhibit Chairperson shall be responsible for administrating all aspects of the educational exhibit area, including but not limited to:

1. Design and composition of the official exhibitor application form.

2. Solicitation of exhibitors and maintenance of contact information.

3. Designing the layout of the exhibit area and the assignment of exhibit locations.

4. Designation of a Chief Judge and such Deputy Judges as deemed necessary.

5. Monitoring the judging process to ensure compliance with the rules established.

6. Selection of Exhibit Awards, which for each category authorized shall include a first, second and third place. In addition there shall be an INA Best of Show award. Each exhibitor shall be given an appreciation award, regardless of the judging status of their exhibit.

7. Selection of appreciation awards for individuals serving as judges. Judges will be allowed entry to the exhibit area after it is closed to the public to complete their process. The judging is to be completed in time for the awards to be announced at the banquet.   The Exhibit Chairperson shall ensure that exhibitors comply with all the exhibit rules, regulations and conditions.

The Exhibit Chairperson (preferably with concurrence of the General Chairperson) is to be the final judge as to any matter not specifically covered by the exhibit rules and conditions.


Meetings/ Programs/ Banquet

An evening banquet or a breakfast meeting is mandatory.

The General Chairperson will be primarily responsible for the scheduling of the banquet, educational programs and special activities carried on in connection with the convention.

The menu and the price of the banquet/breakfast ticket will be arranged and set by the General Chairperson (or designated Banquet Chairperson).

All banquet/breakfast arrangements and seating at the head table and other reserved tables must be approved by the general Chairperson and the President of the INA.

Every dealer is to receive one banquet/breakfast ticket as part of his/her bourse fee.

The Chairperson will select the master of ceremonies and someone to offer the invocation. These persons selected will also receive complimentary tickets.

The bourse room should be closed in ample time for dealers to participate in the banquet-if the meeting is a breakfast it should be scheduled not to interfere with bourse hours.

Any banquet entertainment will be in good taste & not offensive in any way.

Introductions will be made by the MC of those seated at the head table, other members of the INA Board, INA Editor, all past INA presidents, the General Chairperson, president of the host club and other dignitaries.

Any awards (exhibit/honorary etc.) will be presented at the banquet.


The Iowa Numismatic Association Annual Convention is recognized as one the leading numismatic conventions events in the Mid-West. The primary objective of this manual is to maintain and enhance the quality and consistency of the INA Convention in order to maintain and promote the general standing of the event within the numismatic world. This overall goal should guide all officers, board members, and committee members in their decision making with regards to the convention.

The Annual INA Convention is the primary means of support for the overall educational activities of the Iowa Numismatic Association. The importance of the financial success of the event to the furtherance of the overall program of the INA should be considered with sensitivity by all officers, board members and committee members in their execution of their duties.

Ideally, the INA Convention will be held during in the month of September or October.