Programs For INA Member Clubs

Do you need a program for a club meeting or a coin show?  Here is a list of programs to choose from.  Please contact an INA officer if you need help contacting the presenters.
Tom Robertson:      319-351-2512
Programs on - Seated Liberty series: 1/2 dimes, dimes, quarters, half dollars & seated dollars.  Barber series: dimes, quarters & half dollars.
half cents, large cents, two cents, silver three cents & nickel three cents.  Clubs & Organizations.
Carl L. Thurman, Ph. D.:                  319-273-2276
Program on American Nickels 1866 to date.
Brian Fanton:          319-294-4377    
Programs on - Grading US Coins, Boy Scout and Girl Scout Coin Collecting merit badge, Slabbing Coins, 'The Art of coin collecting', and general numismatic topics.
Dean Parr                319-366-0552
Programs on - Foreign Coin Dating Systems, World Paper Money, Leper Colony Coins, Zimbabwe Inflation
Denny Ross               641-932-2731
Program on - Lincoln cents 1909 thru 1958.
Lee Roe                     563-852-3517    
Programs on - Buying and selling coin collections, Slabbing Coins
Steve Feller               319-393-7052
Programs on - POW Scrip, WWII Concentration Camp Money, Civil War Money, New Orleans Mint, Ancient Coins

David Stark               515-233-4637
Programs on - Large Cents, Indian Head Cents, Lincoln Cents, History of  US Coin Collecting, Early Days of the US Mint