Chris Seuntjens

President's message:

Dear fellow INA members.

Welcome to 2021 and good riddance to 2020 - right?  It is always an honor to work with our outstanding board and serve fellow Iowa numismatists. 

As your president I will always strive to do whatever I can for INA members to get the most out of our organization and to make the INA as fiscally sound as possible.

One of the main issues I want  to  address is The Collector. Editor, Denny Ross, has done an amazing job of editing The Collector for many years. Because of Denny's hard work and devotion to it The Collector has become one of the best state journals in the country.

Unfortunately, because of increased production and mailing costs over the years The Collector runs an annual deficit of about $1000.  This does not include lost revenue from ads being cancelled due to Covid. We decided to cancel the last issue which incurred some savings. Since we are now a designated non - profit organization we will incur some savings on postage but the annual deficit will be still quite substantial.

Of the 354 INA members, 91 of those are life members that no longer pay dues but still receive The Collector. We had good revenue from the last convention, but our bank balances have been dangerously low.  In my opinion, The Collector should be self - sustaining. 

In checking with other state organizations, nearly all email their newsletters. To those members that prefer  a printed copy, they charge more for their dues. Our secretary and treasurer Bev Ashton informed me that we have email addresses for only about 25% of our members. Converting to an emailed version would take some doing but it will be more than well worth it in the long run. 

To get the ball rolling on this, we will mail each member a letter requesting an email/updated email address. We will also enclose the call for nominations for the Scott Nichols Outstanding Numismatist Award to be given at the October 29 - 31 show and convention.

At our last meeting the INA board voted and agreed to proceed with this process.

Advantages of an email-able newsletter would be:

Publication and postage savings.
Flexibility of ads and articles. No need to limit these because of print space restrictions.
Color graphics and ads available at no cost. If we so chose, we could charge different rates for color ads vs black and white.

Updated show information and other notices could be emailed to INA members at any time. This makes regular contact with our members super easy. For example, we could send out a member email reminder before each INA convention or keep members up to date on other numismatics events.

I invite every member to please fill out your forms when you receive them and send them in. If for some reason you cannot receive The Collector via email, you will be mailed a photo copy. Your effort to help out our great organization is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing you at upcoming Iowa coin show events. If you ever have any questions, concerns or comments, I am always available to hear what you have to say.

Kind Regards,
Chris Seuntjens

President, Iowa Numismatic Association