Dean Parr

Fellow numismatists:

I have a couple questions for you.  How did you get started collecting and what keeps you collecting? I know for me that what keeps me collecting has evolved through the years.  I got started when I received the Whitman Lincoln Cents Number 2 blue folder for Christmas in 1958.  That means that I am coming up on sixty years of coin collecting.  My interest in the hobby expanded to world coins, paper money, and various tokens as the years went on.  I especially enjoy going through a pile of world coins and identifying them.  World paper, Civil War and hard times tokens, local good for tokens all have grabbed my interest.  I found that I could leave my work stress behind by reading numismatic magazines, a sales list, or searching through some coins I had been unable to identify.  It is easy for me to get totally absorbed by that which allowed me to leave the stress of the day behind.  These days I keep a number of numismatic journals and books stored on my tablet.  Those are available even when I do not have an internet connection. I have learned a lot about history and geography over the years as a result.  So back to my questions, how did you get started?  What do you think the INA could do now that might bring new people to the hobby?  How do we get young people interested in numismatics and keep them interested?  Please send me your answers and ideas.  Just compiling a list of the different ways people have been introduced to the hobby will help us come up with ideas that may work today.

This year's INA Conference will be held at the Palace on the Adventureland Grounds October 27th and 28th.  Please note that this is a new location for us.  The Palace is a large venue so we will have plenty of room for exhibits.  Contact David Stark if you are interested in doing an exhibit.

Elections time is here and my term as president will end at the 2018 conference.  It has been a pleasure serving as the INA President and I would like to thank everyone for their support during the last two years.  I look forward to working with the INA in the future as well.

Dean Parr

President, Iowa Numismatic Association