David Stark

President's message:

Oh, the weather! Isn't it great to have fading memories of February? It went out with a bang, shortening the Ames Coin-a-Rama.  Saturday attendance was 320+, a normal first day. Thanks to all the dealers and collectors who were able to make it! We were able to reconnect with fellow collectors and friends, and see some phenomenal coins, too! Then Sunday came...enough said.

"Search, Discover, Share", my mantra. This column is on "the Search". Resources abound in our day in age. Whether looking for coins to fill that
hole or information about the history associated with your miniature Rembrants, it is at our fingertips.

Books, Newsletters and magazines: Fill your library with at least the basics. The general Red Book, followed by the Red Book specialty series by
Bowers are a must for each denomination that interests you. Specialty books follow next. And don't forget to throw in a few "fun" books, such as
"In Yankee Doodle's Pocket" by Will Nipper, "Adventures with Rare Coins" by Bowers, or "The Secret History of the First U.S. Mint" by Orosz
and Augsburger. 

On line: App’s and web-sites. You carry in your pocket the universe of coins and information. Smart-phone App’s from PCGS are a must for all phones. Full web-sites can drill down to any information available. The Newman Numismatic Portal has full text books and articles. Add a few forums and you have a full time job!

Clubs and People: Attend club meetings and find a mentor. Sorting through some of the available resources will be a topic of one of several Educational Talks at the next INA Annual Show in October, so mark your calendars and attend!

Until then, keep Searching!

David Stark

President, Iowa Numismatic Association