Photos of some of the INA Medals


The INA was the founded in 1938.  The Hotel Jefferson in Iowa City was host to this first meeting.  Earl M. Cole had special medals struck and distributed to each person attending the convention.  The supply of medals was soon exhausted as people who had not been able to attend the meeting sent in for them.



A joint convention was held with the Central States Numismatic Society in May, 1942 at Des Moines




Iowa became a state in 1846.  The INA successfully petitioned the ANA to hold their convention in Iowa to help celebrate the centennial.



In 1961, the convention was held in Marshalltown



Fortieth anniversary medal reverse (only) designs were called for with Jack Pohl winning the design contest.  His initials are on the right above the star.  This convention was held in Davenport.



The 50th Anniversary was held in Iowa City.  The medal uses the original reverse design in the center.



The 1998 60th Anniversary Medal



The 70th Anniversary was held in Ottumwa in 2008.

The 75th Anniversary was held in Iowa City in 2013