Fun Coin Links

The Higgins Museum   The Higgins Museum is one of Iowa's treasures.  Located in Okoboji, Iowa it houses a large collection of National Banknotes.  The gallery has a display for each county in Iowa.  Be sure to check it out sometime when you are in NW Iowa.  Open Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM from Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day Weekend.  Admission is free, so don't miss it!

Coin Facts  Lots of information free for now...  Poke around review or learn something new.

Banknote Collection.  View banknotes from all over the world.  Lots of color photos.  Check out the Mona Lisa on P-167 from Costa Rica.

The Currency Collector  Lots of information here on a wide variety of subjects.

What's on Your State Quarter